Round Hill sais, they chose this coffee for it’s pure Yirgacheffe flavour profile, perfect for these gloomy winter days, a true taste of summer! The washing station of Testi Adorsi is privately owned and was created back in 1990 by the company Testi coffee exporters. They buy cherry from local farmers, of which there are around 700 all dotted around the town and the surrounding Wordea of Aricha, from where this coffee takes it’s name.

A typical processing cycle for this washed lot would run like this. Cherries are pre sorted to remove over and under ripes, then they are de-pulped in a traditional discpulper which will grade 1st and 2nd qualities based on density. The parchment is now fermented in water for 24 - 36 hours depending on weather conditions. The coffee is now washed in channels and graded by density (lower quality floats) while higher qualities sink. Once the lower qualities are removed the coffee is then soaked in clean water for 12-24 hours before being moved to the drying tables. The final stage requires sun drying for 10 - 12 days to bring the coffee to the correct moisture content, lots of stirring and shade helps to slow this process down which creates complexity and sweetness





Producer: 700 Smallholder Farmers (Testi Adorsi Washing Station)
Varietal: Kurume, Heirloom
Process: Washed

Elevation: 1950 - 2150 masl


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